Thursday, 19 September 2013

yeh NASA kya hai ji?

We have been hearing a lot about NASA, India lately. What exactly is NASA, India?

The National Association of Students of Architecture, commonly referred to as NASA, India is one of the largest communities of architectural students in Asia. There are over 200 colleges under this organization. NASA, India provides an interactive platform for students all over the country by holding conventions both at national and zonal levels. Colleges all over India compete for the prestigious trophies which cover various aspects of architecture. The conventions also witness participation from various colleges in countries under SAARC. Architects across the SAARC nations have an opportunity to interact with each other and come up with productive solutions.

This year, the 56th ANNUAL NASA convention is going to be held at VAISHNAVI SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNING, HYDERABAD.
The first time we heard that we won the bid for the 56th annual NASA convention, all of us went BLANK. Yes, blank, out of utter shock and utter excitement. Then we screamed with joy, “VSAP is hosting the 56th ANC!!!!!!!!”

To keep you guys posted on what’s happening, I, Divyasri Sunkara will keep you updated through my blogs. So here I go.

A lot of things have happened in the last few weeks. Here are some highlights:

After a seemingly endless stream of meetings, we can now say that we have made acquaintance with all the people in College with whom we will be working together. There are different departments categorized, and volunteers have been chosen. A core committee has been formed and is working day in and day out.

They said, let the work begin.

Many of us giggled, (inner thoughts) lets bunk the classes in the name of NASA convention and get free attendance. Hehehe :D (Evil grin)
College always manages to smash our fragile fun loving thoughts, and here it goes again. :P

Then came the notice:

Why? Why me? Why we? We had lots of questions in our minds.

Why did I buy into the hype? Did I really sign up for hours of unpaid labour? What was I thinking? With submissions, presentations, designs and NASA works, everything going simultaneously, how am I supposed to cope with all this? What was I thinking, volunteering for NASA!

 You can’t do it. You really can’t. You’re just going DOWN. You will spend a lot of money on chai and biryani. Professors are going to ask you why you haven’t been attending classes. You will have to buy and apply copious amounts of under-eye night cream. Your grades will fall and your parents’ BP will rise.
But it’s too late, the volunteer lists are out! You’re stuck. Muahahaha.

Just kidding!! Relax!!

Right, wrong, maybe not. Let me give you an advice – TIME MANAGEMENT!! Yeah, do that. Go to the classes, listen to the lectures, allocate specific days for college works, do your home works at home, visit the library during the break and attend the NASA meetings.

You’ll really enjoy it. We hope. No, really, working for NASA isn't bad. And when it’s over, you will get the post-NASA blues. Every day, after 3 pm, you will walk to your empty meeting room and stand there for a while,

OK. Jokes apart, now on a serious note what is the fun to be either in the organizing committee or in the volunteering team and take up the entire headache when it is much easier to have fun from outside?
Yeah. It’s fun to be an onlooker, leaving the responsible stuff to the rest.
But it’s more scintillating to be in the team as it enhances skills like leadership qualities, team-work, patience, confidence and sense of judgement which are quoted at the top at any organization or to become an entrepreneur or be an independent person. Apart from all these skills, at the end of the day, you can proudly raise your collars and say, "WE HOSTED NASA".
All these not only teach you to work in groups and with people you would love to work with or people who have contradicting interests than yours but also in intense situations.
Many a time’s things wouldn't go the way you want them to. This may lead to conflicts too, but one has to be really calm and composed. Don’t worry, you can learn all these things as you walk along.

So don’t fight it. Let NASA mania take over you.

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